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Eight Dark Riders
by Noah S. Wallace
Eight Dark Riders
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ATCA Sermons

Date Title (m4a audio) Name Duration
04/14/2019 Sleeper Awake! J L Wallace 48:12
04/21/2019 Discipleship's Greatest Enemy J L Wallace 1:05:25
04/28/2019 Answering the Call J L Wallace 1:11:17
05/05/2019 The Significance of the Cross in Discipleship J L Wallace 1:03:34
05/19/2019 The Effects of Discipleship J L Wallace 59:40
05/26/2019 The Necessity of Caring for the Soul J L Wallace 1:02:18
06/02/2019 Light - From the Beginning
A Timely Review of 1st John, Part 1 (1:1-10)
J L Wallace 39:55
06/09/2019 Walk Even As He Walked
A Timely Review of 1st John, Part 2 (2:1-17)
J L Wallace 55:36
06/16/2019 Beware the Antichrists
A Timely Review of 1st John, Part 3 (2:18-29)
J L Wallace 1:09:06
06/23/2019 In This The Children Are Manifest
A Timely Review of 1st John, Part 4 (3:1-24)
J L Wallace 1:09:05
06/30/2019 The Love of God and the Fallacy of Spiritual Socialism - Unrecorded J L Wallace PDF
07/07/2019 Discerning the Spirits of Truth and Error
A Timely Review of 1st John, Part 5 (4:1-21)
J L Wallace 1:03:49
07/21/2019 The Witness of God
A Timely Review of 1st John, Part 6 (5:1-21)
J L Wallace 1:12:50
07/28/2019 Socialized Christianity J L Wallace 53:51
08/04/2019 Where It All Started J L Wallace 58:07
11/17/2019 Applying the Commands of God J L Wallace 61:31
12/01/2019 Armed & Ready J L Wallace 53:46
12/15/2019 Who is this Jesus? J L Wallace 57:45
12/22/2019 What December Has to do With the Birth of Jesus J L Wallace 42:37
01/05/2020 The Devil Wears a White Hat J L Wallace 40:55
01/19/2020 Father of Lies J L Wallace 59:55
02/02/2020 Are You Wiser than the Children of the World?
Christian Interaction with an Imperfect Government.
J L Wallace 47:13
02/23/2020 Thirst, Come, Receive J L Wallace 47:42
02/23/2020 How to Think...On Christ's Return J L Wallace 52:41

Expository Teaching

First Corinthians

Title Book-Chapter Book Number-Part
Foolishness of the Gospel (3/29/2020) 1 Corinthians 1 53:46

First John

(preached Jun-Jul 2019)
Title Book-Chapter Book Number-Part
Light - From the Beginning 1 John 1 63.01
Walk Even As He Walked 1 John 2:1-17 63.02a
Beware the Antichrists 1 John 2:18-29 63.02b
In This the Children are Manifest 1 John 3:1-24 63.03
Discerning the Spirits of Truth and Error 1 John 4:1-21 63.04
The Witness of God 1 John 5:1-21 63.05


(preached Jan 12, 2020)
Title Book-Chapter Book Number-Part
Survey of Jude Jude 65.01

We, The Seven Churches

(preached Aug-Oct 2019)
Title Church of: Revelation
The Unveiling Introduction 1
First Love Dynamics Ephesus 2:1-7
Sweet Bitterness Smyrna 2:8-11
Holdest Fast My Name Pergamos 2:12-17
Subtleties of the Depths of Satan Thyatira 2:18-29
Strengthen the Things Which Remain Sardis 3:1-6
Do Not Deny His Name Philadelphia 3:7-13
Are You Adrift? Laodicea 3:14-22

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