The Read Words

There's Red Behind the Black

Are the words of Jesus, as recorded in the four Gospels, more important than the rest of Scripture? Did Jesus violate the Scriptures by teaching contrary to them? Are the writings of Paul at odds with what the Messiah instructed the other Apostles?

Jesus' words must be understood in the context of the rest of Holy Writ or they will surely be misunderstood.

Find out why pitting the Bible against itself, setting Jesus against Moses and Paul, is actually blasphemy and an embracing of an age old heresy, Marcionism.

Truth is all of a piece, and like Aaron’s rod which swallowed up the rods of all of Pharaoh’s wise men and sorcerers in Egypt, Truth will devour error. Too many professing Christians prefer to cling to their scaly little friend, error, rather than embrace the veracity of Scripture.

Cast down every man his rod before the Word of God and see whether or not it gets devoured up.

If your doctrine does not comport with ALL of Scripture and you cling to it regardless, then you have embraced the serpent-rods of Pharaoh, and rejected the authority of God’s Word.


  • The Old Testament was given to Moses by inspiration of God
  • The words of Moses are the words of Jesus
  • Paul, James, and Peter are in perfect agreement
  • Anyone teaching contrary to "Old Testament" law was to be considered a false prophet
  • Everything God has ever done or commanded was good
  • God cannot improve upon His past decisions
  • Side Note

    Did you know...

    ...the first gentile convert recorded in Scripture took place 12 years after pentecost?


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